Monster Ceilidh Band

The North East’s largest ceilidh collective.

Monster Ceilidh Band’s style is clearly nightclub influenced, pushing the boundaries of contemporary folk in all the right directions.  Over the last decade or so, the band’s driving and uncompromising style has taken them to festivals and events all over the UK and European festival circuit bringing a modern and non-patronising approach to the traditional music of the British Isles.

“Monster Ceilidh Band have created a sound full of head-banging, glowstick-waving energy – and it’s epic.” Martha Buckley Folk Radio

The collective comprises some of the original members, including Amy Thatcher, Kieran Szifris, David de la Haye and Joe Truswell. Experimenting with electronic beats, their sound was described as ‘simply stunning’ (Songlines), with roots in traditional music but producing something innovative, contemporary and dynamic. Other members of the touring line-up have included fiddle players Shona Mooney, Carly Blain and Grace Smith.

The new collective comprises some of the North East’s finest Folk musicians, all playing music originally written and recorded by the ground-breaking Monster Ceilidh Band.

Here’s a fine example of just some of the collective, as recorded during the early days of lockdown – just to raise our spirits!




Here’s a selection of live videos from our youtube channel. Please do visit and subscribe to see future releases including festival performances and live studio sets.


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